Perinatal in Practice

  • Duration

    6 Hours 

  • Program Outline
    This workshop aims to introduce health professionals tothe current understanding of perinatal mood disorders andits management, using lecture, case studies and interactiveexercises.
  • Accreditation
    • RACGP QI&CPD Cat 1 40 points• GPHMSC MHST• Australian Association of Social Workers 6hrs CPD• Australian College of Midwives CPD Recognised Activity 
  • Prerequisites
    Completion of predisposing activity
  • Topics covered
    1. Transition to Parenthood2. Understanding Attachment3. Screening & Diagnosis4. Postnatal Management5. Antenatal Management
  • Learning Objectives
    • Recognise the psychosocial stressors that commonlyaffect parents in the perinatal period• Opportunistically screen women for perinatal mooddisorders using a screening tool and clinical interview• Diagnose perinatal mood disorders as distinct fromcommonly experienced adjustment difficulties• Assess the risk of untreated perinatal depression for themother-baby dyad• Select appropriate medications for pregnant andbreastfeeding women when pharmacological treatmentis indicated• Develop a comprehensive management plan using aMHTP for women with perinatal mood disorders
StateAddress Venue Start Date End Date Time Fee
NSWHospital Road Randwick NSW 2119 Black Dog Institute Saturday, 16 Nov 2019 Saturday, 16 Nov 2019 09 AM-05 PM $360.00

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