Dealing with Depression in Rural Australia

  • Duration

    6 Hours 

  • Program Outline
    Despite improved awareness and education, there are still some presentations of depression that are highly challenging for clinicians to manage in the primary care setting. Depression Dilemmas is a new interactive workshop that tackles areas of treating mood disorders that clinicians can find particularly demanding. Using case studies as the platform for learning, the program explores strategies to tackle depression in the context of alcohol use disorder, late life depression and depression that is failing to remit despite seemingly adequate treatment. Open to both general practitioners and psychologists, this advanced workshop also provides an opportunity for the two professions to interact, share each other’s perspective and problem solve together.
  • Accreditation
    • 40 RACGP QI&CPD Category 1 Points• 30 ACCRM PRPD• Mental Health Skills Training (GPMHSC)• 6 Hours CPD (psychologists)
  • Prerequisites
    Completion of predisposing activity
  • Topics covered
    Topic 1: Depression & AlcoholTopic 2: Late Life DepressionTopic 3: Difficult to Treat Depression
  • Learning Objectives
    • Identify the interrelationship between depression and problem alcohol use• Delineate the use of pharmacological and psychological treatments in the management of co-morbid depression and problem alcohol use• Recognise common presentations of late life depression• Undertake screening for depression in the elderly patient• List the common factors that underpin difficult to treat depression• Use a systemic based approach to work through treatment options for the patient with difficult to treat depression• The assessment and management strategies explored in the program are utilised to develop meaningful Mental Health Treatment Plans encompassing the unique context and needs of the individual.
StateAddress Venue Start Date End Date Time Fee
TasmaniaCradle Coast Campus (University of Tasmania - Rooms D202 & D203), 16-20 Mooreville Road, Burnie. Burnie Tasmania 7918 Cradle Coast Campus (University of Tasmania - Rooms D202 & D203) Friday, 27 Mar 2020 Friday, 27 Mar 2020 09 am-05 PM $40.00

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