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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

  • Duration
    2 days 
  • Program Outline
    A 2-day course in TMS theory and practical techniques, including hands-on practice in administering TMS.

    This course is suitable for clinicians and researchers who want to better understand TMS and gain practical skills in administering TMS.

    IMPORTANT RE FINISH TIMES: Lectures are held in the mornings, after which participants will be divided into two groups for practical workshops during the two days of the course. The first 16 registrations are  allocated to an afternoon workshop (approximately 1:30-4:30pm) with additional registrants being allocated to an evening workshop (approximately 4:30-7:00pm). Registrants allocated to the evening workshops will therefore have free time during the afternoon.
  • Accreditation
    Not pre-accredited but can be included as part of clinician’s CPD activities
  • Prerequisites
  • Topics Covered
    • Introduction to TMS
    • TMS for the treatment of mood disorders
    • Side effects and safety considerations
    • Use of TMS in other psychiatric disorders
    • Future directions in brain stimulation
    • Cognition and brain stimulation
    • Clinical case presentations
    • Practical skills of TMS treatment
  • Learning Objectives
    • Understand theory and principles underpinning TMS treatment.
    • Safely and effectively conduct clinical treatment using TMS.

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