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Bipolar Disorder: The essential psychological toolkit

  • Duration
    6 hours 
  • Program Outline
    This program provides a practical, skills based exploration of the psychological strategies most effective in supporting recovery and maintaining wellness in bipolar disorder.

    Using interactive learning via case studies and videos from clients and their carers, the workshop includes tools to aid in the accurate assessment, diagnosis and management of bipolar disorder I and II.

    Emphasis is placed on the importance of assessing the impact of bipolar disorder on the family unit and addressing the needs of carers and their crucial role in the management of bipolar disorder.
  • Accreditation
    • 6 Hours CPD (psychologists)
    • 6 Hours OPD (counsellors)
  • Suitable for

    Counsellors, Psychologists, Social Workers

  • Topics Covered
    Topic 1: Diagnosis & Assessment
    Topic 2: Treatment – Medication, Psychological & Wellbeing Plans
    Topic 3: Role of the carer
  • Learning Objectives
    • Understand the diagnostic issues relevant to bipolar and related disorders.
    • Differentiate bipolar mood instability from other conditions with overlapping symptoms.
    • Identify the goals and stages of treatment in bipolar disorder.
    • Distinguish the role of psychological and pharmacological strategies in the overall management of bipolar disorder.
    • Develop a tailored treatment plan based on the individual circumstances of each client, within the context of a team management approach including family members.

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